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  • Roll up is a foldable, portable induction cooktop.
  • Roll up has won RED DOT design award in 2010


  • We all have or had grandparents, but how many of us actually spoke with them honestly? Do we know who was their first love? What was the most difficult period in their lives? How much do we actually know about them?!

Recent portfolio

  • Grillout barbecue


    “Grillout” is self-inflatable barbecue grill, based on graphene technology. When not in use, controls can be disconnected and “Grillout” can be stored in a bag and even cleaned in a regular washing machine.

    Coolcap drink cooler

    Coolcap drink cooler

    “Cool cap” is a device that cools beverages. It is placed on top of the bottle or used as a funnel and when liquid goes through, it cools down.

    Xcentric coffee tables

    Xcentric coffee tables

    "Xcentic“ set of coffee tables consisting of two identical but mirrored tables, easy to manufacture with the same elements, by simple cutting and fitting of woodboards.

  • Bookmarker

    Ciribu bookmarkers

    Ciribu is a set of bookmarkers with different themes. They are produced by simple cutting of a metal sheet. The real magic happens when you use more then one bookmarker at the time.


    Kitchen concept

    Foldable kitchen concept and kitchen appliances line, fully responds to the modern lifestyles. It consists of only four products only that may be used as separate elements. The whole kitchen is modular, the size of elements...

    Bottle openers

    Link - bottle openers

    The basic idea was to create a desirable object - bottle opener, simply by cutting holes, or engraving in credit card-shaped piece of metal.